How to get a Google Play publishers account and publish books on Google Play?

Google Play Publishing is a bit of an enigma at the moment, at least if you want to publish to them. They are currently closed to accepting new publishing accounts, but Google Play is a major book seller, and indeed is about as good as Apple iBooks in terms of how much sales to expect, which means your average author is taking a massive pay cut if they don’t publish with them. Fear not, I’m here with a solution. First, we should go over some information about Google Play Publishers Accounts.

Why won’t Google Play accept any new publishers accounts? GP has some serious issues in terms of moderating content, it seems. Why they have these issues when they have the world’s greatest algorithm builders and seemingly unlimited funds, I have no idea. So their solution is simple – don’t allow any new people into the game. So what’s the answer? You can’t just google “How to upload eBook to Google Play,” instead there’s a bit of a roundabout process.

Currently, you need to sign up via a distributor that already has an account with Google Play. The best by far is PublishDrive, and if you want to know my reasoning as to why they are the best, you can read this in-depth article here I wrote comparing the major distributors. Many other distributors don’t send to Google Play, including even some that did in the past such as Draft2Digital, at least at the time of writing this. You can manage all outlets through PublishDrive, or you can only upload to Google Play – keep in mind PublishDrive sends to over 100 book sellers so I’m sure you’ll get some additional distribution to make up for the 10% lost.

PublishDrive works by submitting your books to multiple websites, where you can manage them remotely from your single dashboard. So if you upload your book to PublishDrive, you can select Amazon, iBooks, Google Play, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, any bookseller you desire. The only downside is they take 10% of your profit, this is a small price to pay since the alternative is not listing on Google Play at all.

In the future, Google Play might open up to traditional sign-ups, and since I’m on the waiting list this article will be updated as soon as they make that decision. In the meantime, PublishDrive is a good solution, and you might find it’s nice to be able to upload to a 100 other book sellers to boot!

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  1. Now Publish Drive declares there is no more contact directly to Google, so you have to enter in Publish Drive your own Google Associate Number and other Google data, but in my case I am really new, when I tried to register in Google Play Books noticed to me that there is no more space for new Associates, PublishDrive asked to fill the same form that Google ask, so I am stocked and frustrated…

    • Can you be more specific? Google is usually closed off, but PublishDrive should of been able to get you an account, unless there was a recent change. Can you tell me what you mean by you being new and how that effects the process?

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