How Much Does Kindle Unlimited Cost In Each Country?

Kindle Unlimited is the biggest change to the publishing and reading landscape in a while. A book subscription service? It’s almost shocking it wasn’t done earlier. The current cost is $9.99 USD in the US, £7.99 in the UK, 9.99 CAD in Canada, 13.99 in Australia, and around 9-11 USD equivalent everywhere else. One big point that many people miss, is that if you have Amazon Prime, you essentially already have a similar service to Kindle Unlimited for free, the only catch is that you can only borrow one book per month. Although with Prime you also get Prime First Reads which allows you to pick from a few curated about to be released books every month, although if you want to read about to be released books, you might as well sign up for our ARC program and enjoy a much wider selection totally free.

Keep in mind that both Prime Reading (part of Amazon Prime) and Kindle Unlimited have free trials, so you can try before you buy with no obligation.

If you already have Prime, and are not a fast reader, it might make perfect sense to simply use Prime Reading, but if you do that you’re looking at a reduced selection and nowhere near as many books. If you read rapidly, there’s only one real option. $9.99 USD is very fair, and with just Kindle Unlimited and 10 bucks you can be entertained as a reader all month.

You can sign up for Kindle Unlimited HERE.

There is a bit more to consider than cost, of course. While you wouldn’t sign up for the $119 prime membership simply for the Prime Reading, if you already have it keep in mind the selection offered on Prime Reading, although smaller, is usually higher quality and composed of books from the Big 5 publishing houses. This is entirely subjective, of course, so if you prefer majority self-published titles then Kindle Unlimited might have higher quality books for you.

Kindle Unlimited is important because it’s a stand-alone service, cheaper than Netflix, and in my opinion the best value out of any subscription service that exists. HUNDREDS of new books come out every day, in every category, for Kindle Unlimited and there’s well over a million titles and counting. Lower quality matters less when you’re not paying per book – if you click on a book and it ends up not being good, simply stop reading – there’s no hassle for a refund or annoyance at wasted money. I strongly recommend Kindle Unlimited, despite the small cost.

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