Top 5 eBook Sales Trackers

Comparing The Top 5 eBook Sales Trackers

All book trackers are not created equal, that is for sure. Some are free, some are paid, and some are a combination. Yet, they all offer totally different functions, and what you need will depend on where you publish, how many books you have, and what features you need. To help you make up your mind, we’re going to objectively compare all these eBook Sales Trackers.

These can all be paperback book sales trackers, as well, if you have paperbacks.

We compare: GetBookReport vs BookCore vs BookTrakr vs AKReport vs KDPWizard

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Rating: 5/5

KDP Wizard is not primarily a sales tracker, but as it tracks your KDP, Google Play Publishing, Barnes & Noble (NookPress), Kobo and other bookstores sales, I think it’s as good a sales tracker as any other, even though it’s just one of the many free benefits of using KDP Wizard. What I really like about this one is the fact it displays your Amazon sales natively, not in a seperate section. You install the Chrome plugin, and it overlays the amount of sales each book has, next to the book itself on your bookshelf, as shown in the image on the right. As you can see by the image on the left, it displays your KDP sales by marketplace, the last 7 days, 30, and all time. You can also push this data to Airtables with one click, so you have easy to work with spreadsheets and backups. Other options available as well, as the dev is a great guy who adds new features almost every week. In addition to tracking your sales, it’s also an awesome tool that lets you fill in prices on KDP and other booksellers with a single click based on saved profiles, it allows you to save keyword profiles, search for categories, and all these features are overlaid exactly over the right spot on the native KDP interface. So the HTML formatting buttons are right above the description box, the category search is where the categories are, you get the idea. With this tool you don’t feel like you’re using a tool, you feel like Amazon and Google and other sellers finally started treating authors and publishers as good as they treat the customer, and added all the common sense features that should be there. There are literally hundreds of features for KDP Wizard so I won’t go over them here, you can read my full KDP Wizard Review if you want that. This is the option I personally recommend mostly because of the constant development, and the fact you never need to log into another website besides the websites you’re already using. The other features are amazing as well, but not the focus of this article. Check it out.

Rating: 4.5/5
The front page of BookCore when you log in, showing an overview.

Bookcore is a pure sales tracker, with no other functions, but it’s superb at what it does. As far as a single login to check all your sales data goes, BookCore is by far the best option. Right now you can grant them access to your various accounts, without giving them a password or having to trust them with any control besides your sales figures. This is in stark contrast to some of the other sales trackers, which either want your password (um, no way) or they want to be added as a co-owner of the account (yeah, no.)

Right now they support Amazon, iBooks, Google Play, and Smashwords. You can add multiple of each account, for example if you have two Google Play accounts, you can go ahead and add both. It displays your sales daily, with all the booksellers included, each one represented by a different color in a very easy to follow format. The information is very useful at a glance, and the data visualisation and seperate section for individual books make getting a birds eye view easy, and zooming in on a specific title easy. It can support limitless books, and is just a really awesome option.  

As mentioned in my BookCore review:

You grant access to KDP via a Chrome extension, and you’re not required to give them your password. You grant access to iBooks and Google Play and Smashwords via creating a user with limited permissions. The owners are public, Petr Hrachovec and his cousin Vaclav Hrachovec, so at least they’re not anonymous owners as many of these services have. Usually it’s a good sign when the website owner wants to attach their real identity to the project, and for what it’s worth the guy who owns it is very nice and personable, really responsive. 


Rating: 2/5

This one loses big points with me right off the bat for not having a free option. KDP Wizard & BookCore have paid options, but that’s on top of their free option which allows unlimited books, which is why those are my two recommended. I took off a star for that, and another star for requiring passwords. Yes, this super popular tracker that has a ton of great reviews (almost certainly a result of their generous affiliate profit sharing, and not their merits) actually requires all your passwords, despite there being many other ways to collect your sales data. This is really bad. I’m going to knock off yet another star for having a mediocre privacy policy, no identifiable owner and just being shady in general. Not a fan of this one, but if you overlook all the negatives, it is a decent sales tracker with probably the largest selection of booksellers to add, but that’s easy to do when you don’t need to build a tool or process for each bookseller, you only need to ask for passwords. If a blog recommends this tracker to you, it’s probably due to the big affiliate payout.

Rating: 3/5

A solid choice. No passwords required, but here’s the catch – just like the next option, BookReport, this option only is available for KDP Reports. This service used to be really good and quite needed, but now that KDP Reports BETA is out and you can get similar functions natively in the KDP Reports section, this is really only for those who sell enough on Amazon to justify paying a monthly fee just to enhance their reports a bit. Plays a cash register sound whenever you have a sale.

Rating: 3.5/5

This service is similar to AK Report, just a little bit more established and in my opinion a bit better. It has some better functions and data displays, and like AK Report it plays a sound when you get a sale. This one should only really be considered if you’re selling a lot on KDP only (not wide, it’s Amazon only) and you also monitor your sales all day. This is for full time authors who are exclusive with Amazon only. If that is your criteria, then this option is the best for you. This is the best KDP display, but only that.

If you aren't exclusive to Amazon, I strongly recommend KDP Wizard as a full service solution. It has a free option with unlimited books, so no harm trying it out.

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