Religious/Christian Keywords Analysis

eBook Keywords Analysis: Religious/Christian Keywords

Welcome to our inspiration center on christian and religious keywords. This page has some general advice on keywords for this niche, as well as some keyword lists. We have general user submitted keywords as well as real, raw search data directly from Amazon’s search suggestions. The information on this page is invaluable and in our opinion, the most complete accumulation of this niche’s keyword data on a single page. Free, now and forever.

There are many ways to approach religious keywords. Most obviously, there are religious classifications – Christian, Islamic, etc. There are also type classifications such as guides, religious arguments, biographies of religious figures, and different keywords based on whether someone is familiar with your religious subject or brand new to your school of thought. I hope the following keywords help inspire you, so that you can guide anyone who needs to be guided to your book. God helps those who help themselves, and the greatest religious text is worthless if nobody reads it. Please contribute your own keywords at the bottom of this page as well, as religion is one subject where the keywords are going to be specific to denominations, locations, and not obviously available, so please help us.

Category Keywords

To categorize your book into a sub-category on Amazon, choose your main category, then include the relevant keywords into your keyword sections. Individual keywords can be put anywhere, multiple word category keywords must be alone in their keyword box.

Religious books have their own subcategories and some relevant subcategories in other niches. To categorize your book into a sub-category on Amazon, choose your main category, then include the relevant keywords into your keyword sections. Individual keywords can be put anywhere, multiple word category keywords must be alone in their keyword box.

Religion & Spirituality/Christian Books & Bibles/Bibles/More Translations/Evangelical = evangelical

Religion & Spirituality/Christian Books & Bibles/Bibles/More Translations/Life Application = life application

Religion & Spirituality/Christian Books & Bibles/Bibles/More Translations/Spanish Language = spanish

Religion & Spirituality/Christian Books & Bibles//Catholicism/Inspirational = inspire, inspires, inspiration, inspirational

Religion & Spirituality/Christian Books & Bibles/Catholicism/Popes & the Vatican = papal, papacy, pope, popes, vatican

Religion & Spirituality/Christian Books & Bibles/Catholicism/Roman Catholicism = roman catholic, roman catholics, roman catholicism

Religion & Spirituality/Christian Books & Bibles/Catholicism/Self-Help = self-help, self help

Religion & Spirituality/Christian Books & Bibles/Christian Fiction/Poetry = christian poetry

Religion & Spirituality/Christian Books & Bibles/Christian Living/Counseling = christian, christianity

Religion & Spirituality/Christian Books & Bibles/Christian Living/Music/Hymns = christian, christians, christianity

Religion & Spirituality/Christian Books & Bibles/Christian Living/Self-Help = self-help, self help

Religion & Spirituality/Christian Books & Bibles/History/Historical Jesus = historical jesus

Religion & Spirituality/Christian Books & Bibles/Protestantism/Inspirational = inspire, inspires, inspiration, inspirational

Religion & Spirituality/Christian Books & Bibles/Protestantism/Self-Help = self-help, self help

Religion & Spirituality/Christian Books & Bibles/Theology/Catholic = catholic, catholics, catholicism

Religion & Spirituality/Christian Books & Bibles/Theology/Creationism = creationism

Religion & Spirituality/Christian Books & Bibles/Theology/Prophecy = prophecy

Religion & Spirituality/Christian Books & Bibles/Worship & Devotion/Book of Common Prayer = book of common prayer

Religion & Spirituality/Christian Books & Bibles/Worship & Devotion/Meditations = meditation, meditations, meditating

Religion & Spirituality/Earth-Based Religions/Druidism = druid, druids, druidism

Religion & Spirituality/Hinduism/Bhagavad Gita = bhagavad gita

Religion & Spirituality/Hinduism/Sanskrit = sanskrit

Religion & Spirituality/Hinduism/Upanishads = upanishads

Religion & Spirituality/Islam/Muhammad = muhammad, muhammed, mohammed

Religion & Spirituality/Islam/Women in Islam = woman, women

Religion & Spirituality/Judaism/Hasidism = hasidic, hasidism

Religion & Spirituality/Judaism/Sacred Writings/Hebrew Bible (Old Testament)/Hebrew = hebrew

Religion & Spirituality/New Age/Chakras = chakra, chakras

Religion & Spirituality/New Age/Self-Help = new age

Religion & Spirituality/New Age/Urantia = urantia

Religion & Spirituality/Occult/Alchemy = alchemy, alchemic, alchemical, alchemist, alchemists

Religion & Spirituality/Occult/Ghosts & Haunted Houses/Ghosts = ghost, ghosts

Religion & Spirituality/Occult/Ghosts & Haunted Houses/Haunted Houses = haunted house, haunted houses

Religion & Spirituality/Occult/Metaphysical Phenomena = metaphysical, metaphysics

Religion & Spirituality/Other Eastern Religions & Sacred Texts/Book of the Dead (Tibetan) = book of the dead, tibetan book of the dead

Religion & Spirituality/Other Eastern Religions & Sacred Texts/Gurus = guru, gurus

Religion & Spirituality/Other Eastern Religions & Sacred Texts/Tao Te Ching = tao te ching

Religion & Spirituality/Spirituality/Gifts = spiritual gift, spiritual gifts

Religion & Spirituality/Spirituality/Inspirational/Conduct of Life = conduct of life

Religion & Spirituality/Spirituality/Inspirational/Death & Grief = death, dying, grief, bereavement

Religion & Spirituality/Spirituality/Inspirational/Family = family

Religion & Spirituality/Spirituality/Inspirational/Health = health, healthy, sickness, sick, illness

Religion & Spirituality/Spirituality/Inspirational/Men’s Inspirational = man, men

Religion & Spirituality/Spirituality/Inspirational/Miracles = miracle, miracles

Religion & Spirituality/Spirituality/Inspirational/Personal Testimonies = personal testimony, personal testimonies

Religion & Spirituality/Spirituality/Inspirational/Relationships = relationship, relationships, dating

Religion & Spirituality/Spirituality/Inspirational/Women’s Inspirational = woman, women

Religion & Spirituality/Spirituality/Personal Growth/Astrology = astrology, astrological, horoscope, horoscopes

Religion & Spirituality/Spirituality/Personal Growth/Family = family

Religion & Spirituality/Spirituality/Personal Growth/Men’s Personal Growth = man, men

Religion & Spirituality/Spirituality/Personal Growth/Motivational = motivation, motivational

Religion & Spirituality/Spirituality/Personal Growth/Mysticism = mystic, mystics, mysticism

Religion & Spirituality/Spirituality/Personal Growth/Personal Success = personal success

Religion & Spirituality/Spirituality/Personal Growth/Philosophy = philosophy, philosophical

Religion & Spirituality/Spirituality/Personal Growth/Self-Help = self-help, self help

Religion & Spirituality/Spirituality/Personal Growth/Spiritual Healing = healing

Religion & Spirituality/Spirituality/Personal Growth/Transformational = transformation, transformations, transformational

Religion & Spirituality/Spirituality/Personal Growth/Women’s Personal Growth = woman, women

Religion & Spirituality/Spirituality/Women = woman, women

Biographies & Memoirs/Leaders & Notable People/Religious/Buddhism = buddhist, buddhism

Biographies & Memoirs/Leaders & Notable People/Religious/Catholicism = catholic, catholicism

Biographies & Memoirs/Leaders & Notable People/Religious/Christianity = christian, christianity

Biographies & Memoirs/Leaders & Notable People/Religious/Hinduism = hindu, hinduism

Biographies & Memoirs/Leaders & Notable People/Religious/Islam = islam, islamic, islamist

Biographies & Memoirs/Leaders & Notable People/Religious/Judaism = judaism

Comic & Graphic Novel Characters/Gods & Goddesses = god, deity

History/Religion/Christianity/Catholicism = catholic, catholicism

History/Religion/Christianity/Protestantism = protestant, protestantism

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