Character Name Generators

Character Name Generators

Browse our complete list of character name generators below. We painstakingly scoured the internet for accurate and complete datasets, for your creative inspiration. You can sort by region, or search by name. Every nationality, every culture, every name. To create these, we used many sources, the vast majority of names are from census data but we drew upon every legitimate source we possibly could. Never again will you be stuck for a name when writing! Enjoy!

We have the following name generators:

African American Character Name Generator

While African Americans can and usually do have generic names as anyone else in the US might have, often they have distinctly African American names, so this generator is here to help inspire you and give you ideas.

Arab Character Name Generator

Names common to the countries of Bahrain, Djibouti, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, UAE, Yemen, and Lebanon.

Armenian Character Name Generator

Armenian names show some influence from the surrounding countries of Turkey and Georgia, yet they remain distinct, and in my opinion, very aesthetic and pleasing to the ear.

Australian Aboriginal Character Name Generator

Australian Aboriginals have some of the most unique and beautiful names in the world, a result of their over 250 + unique languages, each language representing a unique culture on a vast landmass.

Azerbaijani Character Name Generator

An Azerbaijani name consists of an ad (name), ata adı (patronymic), and soyad (surname). Azerbaijan is a landlocked country at the intersection of Eastern Europe & Central Asia.

Bangladeshi Character Name Generator

These Bangladeshi names are unique to the country of Bangladesh (obviously) and this name creator is a super easy way to get real examples of actual names taken from censuses and other data. 

Bulgarian and Macedonian Character Name Generator

Both Bulgaria & Macedonia use unique names, and when you’re an author investing a lot of time into your characters, the last thing you want is to ruin the readers suspended disbelief with an inaccurate name.

Burmese (Myanmar) Character Name Generator

Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, is an exotic country in SE Asia that has remained relatively isolated compared to other countries in the region, so Burmese names are not exactly common knowledge.

Cambodian Character Name Generator

Cambodia is a country full of wonderful people, bordering Thailand and Laos. As it becomes a more popular tourist destination over time, it will probably become the setting of many novels to come.

Carpatho-Rusyn Character Name Generator

If you’re writing about ethnic Ukrainians, whatever you do, don’t make the silly mistake of using a simple Russian or Ukrainian name when this ethnic group has their own distinct names!

Chinese Character Name Generator

China is the worlds most populous country with an absolutely staggering 1.4 billion people, so it’s no surprise at all that it’s the setting of countless novels.

Cornish Character Name Generator

This Celtic ethnic group has some unique names, so whether you’re in need of real historical highlander names or you just want to write a modern Irish character with a Cornish background…

Dutch Character Name Generator

Perhaps your Dutch character is an expat, or you need to write a lovely ode to the Dutch people after spending too long in a Dutch coffee shop.

Estonian Character Name Generator

If you’re writing about an Estonian character, you’ve come to the right place. This generator will help you out with real Estonian names, so your novel set in Northern Europe will remain accurate.

Filipino Character Name Generator

If you’re writing about a character who’s Filipino, or taking your protagonist on a trip through the lush Philippines, then you’ll love this name creator.

French Character Name Generator

Bonjour! Don’t let your French character be de-legitimized due to an inaccurate name, use this French name generator that works for both male and female French names.

German Character Name Generator

German names can be a bit, well, confusing to say the least. It’s a fine line between using a real German name, and using a nearly-real one that sounds absolutely ridiculous to a native speaker or someone familiar with Germany.

Indonesian Character Name Generator

Indonesia is a lush tropical paradise, known worldwide for it’s vacation spots such as Bali although this marvelous country has so much more to offer.

Irish Character Name Generator

Ah, Ireland. The land of leprechauns, Guinness beer and names you’ve never heard someone have before that still sounds familiar, like Shamus or McElroy.

Italian Character Name Generator

Welcome to our Italian name creator. Don’t worry about sourcing authentic Italian names, we dug through real government and private source name lists to create the ultimate resources.

Korean Character Name Generator

Korea is an East Asian country with a massive entertainment and technological industry, and Korean characters are finding their way into books, scripts and comics.

Kyrgyz Character Name Generator

Kyrgyzstan is a country in Central Asia. It is bordered by Kazakhstan to the north, Uzbekistan to the west and southwest, Tajikistan to the southwest and China to the east.

Lahu Character Name Generator

The native language of Lahu is fascinating, and if you’re writing about this unique and culture-rich group, then you definitely get points for being unique!

Laotian Character Name Generator

The SE Asian country of Laos is full of untapped beauty and potential, just like the novel you’re writing that led you to Google Laotian character names.

Lithuanian Character Name Generator

Ah, the Baltic beautify of Lithuania. Once the largest country in Europe during the 14th Century, it now stakes its claim as a hidden destination for tourists, and a very confusing place to write about.

Maori Character Name Generator

Maori’s are the native New Zealand population, of Polynesian origin. They have a proud and distinct history on one of the most unique lands that exist today.

Micronesian Character Name Generator

Micronesia covers thousands upon thousands of small islands in the Pacific, and as you can imagine there is a broad umbrella of names and some unique differences even between islands.

Mien Character Name Generator

The lu Mien people inhabit China and many other countries, and are a distinct ethnic group with their own language and of course their own names.

Mongolian Character Name Generator

Once the center of the largest land empire in history with 18% of the worlds landmass, Mongolia is so rich in history that it’s the focus of countless historical novels, fiction and non-fiction.

Mormon Character Name Generator

Mormons are a unique religious group often associated with Utah, and believe it or not despite being a relatively new group in the US they have developed some distinctive names.

Nepalese Character Name Generator

So you’re writing a stunning thriller about a man who needs to climb Mt. Everest with only a banana and a skateboard, but wait! You’re introducing your protagonist to his Nepalese climbing guide.

Papua New Guinean Character Name Generator

Papa New Guinea is a country in the pacific that consists of half of the island of New Guinea (the eastern side), and it’s an independent country with the Queen as a monarch.

Polish Character Name Generator

Poland is the setting of many novels, which is no surprise since it’s also the setting of some of history’s most important events.

Portuguese Character Name Generator

Portugal is the official language of many countries throughout the world, so it’s important that when writing about a Portuguese character, you don’t make up a name because it will be noticed!

Roma Character Name Generator

If you’re writing a Roma character, look no further for real, accurate & up to date names. Roma are also known as Gypsies or Romany, and are a vibrant people that live throughout Europe and elsewhere.

Samoan Character Name Generator

Originally known as the “Navigator Islands” due to the extreme skill of the locals in seafaring, Samoa is an island country in the pacific with Christianity as it’s state religion

Sierra Leonean Character Name Generator

Sierra Leone is a beautiful country with tropical rain-forests and beautiful coastline. It is known for it’s diamond mining and other natural resources, which makes it the setting of countless spy and action novels.

Sri Lankan Character Name Generator

Sri Lankan names can be a bit of a mouthful, but with this name creator you’ll be spoiled for choice with thousands upon thousands of possible combinations.

Ugandan Character Name Generator

Uganda is a unique country in East Africa, and if you’re writing a book with a Ugandan character, look no further to find name inspiration.

United Kingdom Character Name Generator

Most people will be familiar with a lot of the names used in the United Kingdom, but there are many that perhaps you’ve never heard of, that show a more intimate knowledge of the UK, and add authenticity to any novel featuring UK characters.

Vietnamese Character Name Generator

Countless novels are set in Vietnam – war novels, historical fiction and non-fiction, and autobiographies of anyone who lived in Vietnam or the USA during the 70s!