Laotian Character Name Generator

The SE Asian country of Laos is full of untapped beauty and potential, just like the novel you’re writing that led you to Google Laotian character names – or perhaps it’s a script or comic? Either way, you’re in the right place. We found real and accurate Laotian names from official sources, and we did the hard work so that you can just click below and be inspired!

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Malaysian Character Name Generator

Malaysia (formerly Malaya) is a thriving, culture-rich country blessed with both natural beauty and sprawling cities. Focus on developing your plot-line and fleshing out character traits, don’t worry about finding a name for your Malaysian character – just click below and enjoy the inspiration. Real names, double checked for accuracy.

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Mongolian Character Name Generator

Once the center of the largest land empire in history with 18% of the worlds landmass, Mongolia is so rich in history that it’s the focus of countless historical novels, fiction and non-fiction. One issue was always how to find unique names for Mongolian characters, but now that’s a worry of the past. Click Male or Female below, and boom you have one of many thousands of name combinations. We have more name combinations here than Genghis Khan has descendants! OK, not really, but still there’s 10’s of thousands of possible combinations, and we have all these other character name generators too!

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Mien Character Name Generator

The lu Mien people inhabit China and many other countries, and are a distinct ethnic group with their own language and of course their own names, so don’t make the mistake of giving them a generic name! Simply click below and select from one of the thousands of name combinations. We have other character name generators too!

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Thai Character Name Generator

Thailand is a very popular tourist destination, with Bangkok being the most visited city in the entire world most years! Thailand is home to many names, so if you’re writing about Thailand or about a Thai character make sure you use the name creator below. The land of many smiles has inspired countless writers and artists, so creating this Thai name generator was the least we could do to give back to a culture that gives so much. Real and accurate names, thousands of combinations, enjoy.

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Vietnamese Character Name Generator

Countless novels are set in Vietnam – war novels, historical fiction and non-fiction, and autobiographies of anyone who lived in Vietnam or the USA during the 70s! It’s important you use one of the real and accurate names generated below to avoid giving your character an inaccurate name, especially since there’s thousands upon thousands to choose from! 

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Ghanaian Character Name Generator

If your novel is set in Ghana, make sure you use the name creator below to get accurate Ghanaian names. Ghana has many people of various ethnicities living across a vast landmass, so it can get complicated. Luckily we have this generator for you and all these other character name generators too!

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Black South African Character Name Generator

South Africa is a place with friendly people and great natural beauty, so it makes sense that South Africa is often the setting of a novel or movie. Before you write your book or script, make sure you understand that using names that are more commonly used in other areas of the world, for example African American names, for your black SA characters will be noticeable and inaccurate!

So, this generator is for you!

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Ethiopian Character Name Generator

Ethiopia is the most populated landlocked country in the world, with over 100 million inhabitants, so that’s a lot of names! We have the thousands upon thousands of name combinations you need to pick a great name for your book or script character. Enjoy!

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Malawian Character Name Generator

Malawia is a relatively unknown country in Africa, often referred to as The Heart Of Africa due to the friendliness of the natives. It makes a perfect setting for an adventure novel because of it’s exotic and relatively mysterious culture, but make sure you use the name creator below to get some accurate and real Malwian names.

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