Indonesian Character Name Generator

Indonesia is a lush tropical paradise, known worldwide for it’s vacation spots such as Bali although this marvelous country has so much more to offer. In addition to it’s natural beauty it also has beautiful people, with some beautiful names. Use the generator below to really make sure your Indonesian character has an accurate name.

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Burmese (Myanmar) Character Name Generator

Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, is an exotic country in SE Asia that has remained relatively isolated compared to other countries in the region, so Burmese names are not exactly common knowledge. That doesn’t mean you need to make one up – if you have a Burmese character, just click male or female below and you will get an accurate Burmese name. 🙂

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Cambodian Character Name Generator

Cambodia is a country full of wonderful people, bordering Thailand and Laos. As it becomes a more popular tourist destination over time, it will probably become the setting of many novels to come. If you’re one of those souls writing about this beautiful country, don’t worry about thinking up a name – simply use the name generator below, we only use verified and real data sources. 

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Chinese Character Name Generator

China is the worlds most populous country with an absolutely staggering 1.4 billion people, so it’s no surprise at all that it’s the setting of countless novels and movies, and of course there are countless Chinese characters in books otherwise set outside of China. So, you really can’t afford to use a fake Chinese name, because with so many Chinese people there will be some bound to notice your mistake! Save yourself some time and effort, and check out this awesome character name generator. It has both male and female names, and all names are sourced from real government or open source data so you know it’s accurate.

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Filipino Character Name Generator

If you’re writing about a character who’s Filipino, or taking your protagonist on a trip through the lush Philippines, then you’ll love this name creator that shows thousands of name combinations, all real Filipino names sourced from accurate open source data.

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Himalayan Character Name Generator

What would an action book or script be without some sort of high stakes race to the secret codes stored on Mt. Everest? The Himalayan mountains and their associated ethnic groups span 5 seperate countries, so finding himalayan names is no easy task – or at least, it wasn’t, until we created this name generator! Just click male or female below, and enjoy the inspiration. All names are accurate and double checked.

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Hmong Character Name Generator

The Hmong people are a close knit ethnic group that live primarily in China, Vietnam and Laos. Their names are both unique and influenced by the larger cultures of the countries they live in. Although most Hmong live in Asia, the largest population of Hmong in the western world is in the United States, with upwards of 90% of the Hmong living outside of Asia residing there. Your Hmong character needs a unique name to match their unique heritage, which is why we built this generator for you.

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Japanese Character Name Generator

Japan is without a doubt one of the most unique countries on earth, so it’s no surprise it’s featured in so many books and scripts. Getting Japanese names right is essential to writing Japanese characters, especially in certain art-forms like anime where the cultural center is Japan. Japan has it’s own unique culture, incredible technology baked into every aspect of the country, and some of the most polite and respectful people that exist. These names are all displayed in English and are phonetically correct. Simply press male or female below, Arigato!

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Korean Character Name Generator

Korea is an East Asian country with a massive entertainment and technological industry, and Korean characters are finding their way into books, scripts and comics so it’s lucky you found this page, because it saves you the effort of scouring the internet searching for Korean names. We have accurate names sourced from real government and open source data, and with literally thousands upon thousands of combinations you can click to your hearts content all day.

If you can’t find a Korean name here, you can’t find a Korean name!

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Lahu Character Name Generator

The native language of Lahu is fascinating, and if you’re writing about this unique and culture-rich group, then you definitely get points for being unique! You don’t need to worry about anything but the plot, because we have all the Lahu name combinations you could possibly want. Tons of combinations, accurate names, enjoy!

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