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This section is being overhauled, and many of the articles rewritten. Still, some great information here, if a bit unpolished.

We recommend starting with our “How to Start Publishing” guide if you are new to publishing.

How To Start Self-Publishing Guide

A 17k word birds-eye guide that will serve as a general introduction to the publishing landscape for publishers and self-publishers. Start here if you’re new!

Banned Amazon Keywords

A thorough list of all banned Amazon keywords, as well as an explanation of the Amazon review process and practices to avoid.

5 Guidelines To Picking A Book Sub-Category

Guidelines to picking your books sub-category. This article is for you if you already know the main niche you want to write in, but you need to narrow down and define your specific genre. This article tells you how to find out what people are searching for, and how to capitalize on market trends.

My KDP Wizard Review 🙂

My review of KDP Wizard, by far my favorite publishing software, with the most useful feature set I’ve ever had the pleasure of using. Brilliant!

Top 5 eBook Sales Trackers

We compare GetBookReport vs BookCore vs BookTrakr vs AKReport vs KDPWizard. One is the best by far, and free too!