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This keyword organizer will tell you your exact character account per string, and sort them into 7 copy+paste boxes to easily transfer into Amazon. Separate your strings with a comma, and keep in mind Amazon allows 50 characters per keyword string, and 7 keyword strings. Repeated tests and crowdsourced data shows that Amazon does not penalize for “keyword stuffing” meaning using your full 50 characters for as many keywords as you can enter.

Experience shows that adding a keyword multiple times is entirely useless. So if you are writing a Paranormal novel, do not put the word “Paranormal”in more than one of your strings, and certainly don’t put “Paranormal” twice in the same string.

It goes without saying, you should combine this organizer with our free Amazon Data Search to help fill out your 50 character strings with real and relevant data straight from Amazon, the world’s largest bookseller. 

Our Keyword Nerve Center is the ultimate webpage for all book keywords in every niche, if you bookmark it you will never use subpar keywords again. Remember – customers find most of their books by searching for keywords on bookseller’s websites, so your keywords are what connect you to your customers.