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Live Amazon Keyword Search

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    What is this tool, and how does it work?

    The above is the only free Amazon Kindle store keyword scraper, and what’s even better is that it is more accurate than many paid options. Basically, when you enter a keyword in the above box and press ‘search,’ our program will – in real time – search Amazon for that keyword, take note of the Amazon “drop down” suggestions, and then try variations of the keyword you enter, and then it will take the dozens of drop-down search suggestions it finds, and display them in a nice list for you. The search, which is actually about a hundred different searches done very fast, will find most if not all of the drop down suggestions. These drop down suggestions are important, because Amazon does not share any search data at all, and these suggestions are one of the few ways for you to know what customers on Amazon are actually searching for. More common, repeated suggestions are displayed as bold in the results. Our program only searches and shows drop down suggestions for the Kindle store, unlike many others, for increased accuracy.