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Simply enter a keyword below, and our custom built keyword searcher will query REAL keyword searches made on Amazon and give you invaluable information on search terms, search volume and rankings to improve your Amazon SEO. The only information Amazon gives us about what your customers are searching for come through drop down results when you search a word on Amazon. It used to be that you would only get the usual 5 or so results, and nothing more. Well, now you can type in a single word and our tool will get EVERY search suggestion in real time. This is by far the best resource for Kindle Direct Publishing, and useful on Google Play books, iBooks, Barnes & Noble’s Nookpress, Kobo, Smashwords, Publishdrive, Draft2Digital, Ingram, you get the idea. All of them!

This data is unique – the only legitimate eBook search data available to discover long-tail keywords on KDP. Don’t pay up to $100 for a program that does the same job as our tool, or sign up for a $30 per month subscription. We built this to give to authors and publishers for free, and there’s no membership required. Don’t forget to check out our main keyword research page for more discovery options, keyword optimization, organization and analysis.

Compare us to the competition – KeywordSpy starts at $90 per month and isn’t tailored to the Kindle Store, KWFinder starts at $30 per month and isn’t tailored to the Kindle Store, KDP Rocket is currently $90… you get the idea.

There are some slight limitations to what information Amazon provides – Amazon will not display certain 18+ keywords such as “erotic” so you need to be conscious that certain results may be omitted. This is so that offensive phrases don’t show in the drop-down menu. Still, there is a stunning amount of results for even the most unique keywords.

Clicking a result takes you to the Amazon webpage results for that particular search, so you can easily see if the keywords drive real sales or not, and what sales rank you’ll need to rank high in the searches. <3

Live Amazon Keyword Search

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