Amazon KDP Category Keywords

All KDP category keywords

A searchable, expandable index of all Amazon category and subcategory keywords.

Below are all Amazon category keyword for both the US and UK store. Amazon will put your book into a category, if you include the category’s respective keyword into your keywords.

Some of these are subcategories, which means that your book will only be put into the subcategory if you select the main category when submitting your book. Click a main category to expand and see all hidden subcategories for that section, or search a keyword to find all at once.

This is useful as Amazon puts all the different category keywords on different pages. In some browsers the search is not working properly – all apologies!

We have romance, science fiction & fantasy, history and travel keywords + every other category!

Once you include the subcategory keyword, the process is automatic, and you can confirm the categories by checking your book listing, and scrolling down to where the categories are displayed.

Note that category keywords with more than one word need to be placed in their own keyword string, that is to say, you can slip in “Aztec” anywhere in your seven allowed keyword strings, but “bull run” needs to take up the entirety of a keyword string, rather than being mixed in with other words.