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What's Publishing With Love?

At Publishing With Love we’re all about enabling people to follow their dreams. This site provides all the free tools you need on your journey to greatness, and the guides, articles and collections of data will enable you to go from¬†aspiring writer to thriving publisher in no time. This website is run by real publishers, without any exceptions. This website was founded by Max FMP. This website is NEW – expect new features regularly.¬†

Who is Max FMP?

Max FMP is a career publisher who decided that he wanted to create a website that all authors, self-publishers and publishers could use, that had all the tools and resources he uses in one place. The idea is to make publishing as accessible as possible to a person without money or resources, so that they can let the quality of their work determine their success instead of their access to inside knowledge or expensive courses.

Max has been a contributor to many other organizations, such as the US Chamber of Commerce and Geni.us, and is the President of 25 Eagles.

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