A change to the best selling book of all time?

It’s easy to forget just how much the Bible has changed since it was originally written. The original language of the New Testament, Koine Greek, had no punctuation or spaces – but one major difference between the original New Testament and our modern version, is that our modern version uses chapters and verses. The very first bible to have both chapter and verse divisions was the Geneva Bible, which was published in 1560!

So chapters and verses were a very late addition indeed. Recently, there is a new theory introduced by a minister named Max Freedom Moussa Pollard, author of the website HolySpirit.Solutions. What if the contradictions in the Gospels, such as different times and dates given for the death and rebirth of Christ, are not inherent to the Gospels, but actually due to incorrect chapter and verse divisions by well meaning but inaccurate medieval publishers?

The contradictions in the Gospels – such as different timelines given for the amount of time Christ died, as well as all four Gospels contradicting Christ’s word that he would be dead for three days and three nights – seem illogical in the extreme, considering all Gospels are very similar and agree on seeming minute details. For them to vary so wildly as it relates to the summation of the event being recounted, the culmination itself, seems near impossible. For the first time in centuries, a theory is proposed that explains the contradiction completely, provided you can accept Max’s theory that the chapters are incorrect. At over 8,000 words of research, the article requires some time set aside to consider it’s validity, and it can be found on the HolySpirit.Solutions website.

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