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How To Start Self-Publishing Guide

I have always wanted to write a guide to publishing, to share all of the practical knowledge that I’ve meticulously gathered from experience, other authors, the depths of abandoned writers forums, and from observing others. I want to save you years of mediocre sales, and constantly failing from a lack of time available to research,

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Debunking Author Earning Reports & The Bad eBook Data They Promote!

This is a rather short article, by design. I browse a lot of popular self publishing websites, and wanted to take some time to refute some of the data they are displaying as true, which is unintentionally misleading author’s and publishers alike. First off, these market share graphs, created by a guy named Paul Abbassi, are everywhere. I guess

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Banned Amazon Keywords

Banned Amazon Keywords There are many banned words for Amazon keywords, mostly in the erotica category. Don’t run afoul of Amazon, like all large companies there is very little recourse for people who are the victim of an erroneous ban, unless you have a multi-million dollar account of course. If your account is banned, not

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Why you should NEVER use – A Review/Warning

Why you should NEVER use – A Review/Warning A supremely important choice (whether we realize it or not) is how and where to publish our books. Not all distributors are created equal, and the distributor you select will determine how easily you book is approved by the various outlets such as Amazon or Google

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The AlphaSmart 3000 – with Mechanical Keyboard Upgrades?

The AlphaSmart 3000 – with Mechanical Keyboard Upgrades? The AlphaSmart 3000 is an incredibly unique piece of machinery, which has enjoyed a renewed interest amongst authors looking to simplify their life. I am no stranger to using outdated equipment to reduce distractions, as I have the attention span of a hyperactive 13 year old. I delight

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